2013/14 Introductory Meeting - 30th September 2013 - Ashwin Kumar

There will be an introductory meeting for all those who want to be involved in flying with the gliding club this year at 6pm on 1st October in 35/1001

Welcome New Members - 25th September 2013

Hi everyone and welcome to gliding.

Please register in the top right hand corner and if you want to join us for some gliding go to the 'memers' tab and select 'flying list' and click 'add me' on the day that you want to go. You will see if anyone is driving and if you have space in a car.

We will be sending out an email shortly, if you haven't recieved in the next few days then let us know.

Also join us on facebook at:

New Trailer! - 4th May 2010 - Matt Bennett

We have finally bought a covered K8 trailer for Denzil to call our own, thanks to a find during our recent trip to Shalbourne Soaring Society. Marvel at its industrial beauty below:


Trailer Back  Trailer Front

Inside Trailer  Official Lasham sticker


Though it's structurally OK, and has new tyres and light board, we'd like it to be as shiny as Denzil. Over the summer the plan's therefore to sand down the rusty areas, protect and repaint. We also need to patch some areas of the cover. Should be fairly pleasant summer work though...

Also planned are a few practice runs of putting Denzil in and out of the trailer. There are a few weird bits of wood with metal prongs that we need to figure out what they do (hopefully good things). Would be nice to put together a cheat-sheet showing how the thing actually works too; will be handy when you're at a field land-out and it's starting to get dark..

Plus - if anyone needs a place to sleep at Lasham, here's your accommodation! ;)